The Frost Foundation was formed in September 2009 by Wendy Veevers.

Wendy had worked with charities for many years as a fundraiser and became disillusioned not seeing results from the larger charities. Her ambition was to work with a smaller charity that would benefit local children & families that maybe had slipped through the net. With her vast experience and professional advise she decided to form her own charity and name it in memory of her parents, hence the Frost Charitable Foundation was formed. Originally we covered just the Bury & Radcliffe areas but over the years we have spread our wings to cover Whitefield, Prestwich, Salford, some parts of Tameside & Bolton.

The charity is run by one full time member of staff, has a board of enthusiastic trustees, all with similar mindset to Wendy along with some fantastic volunteers who give their time generously and are known as Frosties.

We work very closely with local Social Workers and medical professionals, who seek advise and assistance for some of the children they support. Children living with disabilities may require specialist pieces of equipment, children with special needs may need sensory equipment or children living in poverty who need help & support.

Over the years we have purchased all kinds of equipment that help to aid a childs well being. From a simply thing like a buggy raincover costing around £250 to a very special piece of kit for a young girl with Cerebral Palsy costing over £8000.

Our aim is to always make a difference. We don’t profess to saving lives but we do always want to help make a difference to a childs life.

Most of our funds are raised via the many events we organise throughout the year – from a small Afternoon Tea raising £1000 to a large swanky gala ball raising £20,000. We also rely on sponsored events from the public, runners in a marathon or a charity football match, choosing Frost to benefit from their efforts.

During the year we run 3 large appeals for Easter Eggs, School Uniforms and a big Christmas Appeal. These appeals support so many local children who, at present, are living in very tough times.

We do rely on lots of help. We are always in need of prizes suitable for raffles & auctions, donations can also be made via our Just Giving page. Or private events organised by people outside the organisation but sharing their profits with Frost.

Children are the future some need lots of help & support to meet that future.