The Frost Foundation is a charity that has been established to help local children who are disadvantaged by illness, circumstance or lack of funding.



Snap Core for Max
This young man is 13 yr old Max who has severe myoclonic epilepsy, he finds verbal communication extremely difficult. The Frost Foundation have donated this special equipment called Snap Core which could be life changing for him as it gives him a means of communicating.
PPod Chair for Ronnie
This is Ronnie in his PPod chair that the Frost Foundation bought for him. Ronnie has significant delay and complex health needs , diagnosed now with GRIN 2B, which is a genetic condition, Ronnie is unable to sit up or weight bear, he is non verbal, and has difficulties feeding, he has just had a gastrostomy for his feeding, as he takes no food orally, This specialist chair not only provides comfort for Ronnie but the harness keeps him safe too.
Specialist Car Seat for Ava
Ava has quadriplegic cerebral palsy, a condition that affects the whole body. Ava suffers from chronic lung disease as well as chronic bowel condition. Ava is a little girl who has lots of various conditions, she has feeding difficulties as she struggles to swallow, her food and drinks have to be made thicker so no fluid can go on her lungs. Ava needed a specialist car seat as she is getting bigger a normal seat wasn’t secure enough. The Frost Foundation have donated this car seat that swivels to help her parents lift her out easily as well as keeping Ava safe.
Scooot for Matthew
This lovely little chap is 3 yr old Matthew who has Spina Bifida Talipes and Hydrocephalus. His OT suggested he would benefit from a Scooot as Matthew cannot walk so doesn’t get to play with his friends at nursery. Within 2 weeks of this request the Frost Foundation trustees agreed to funding this and now Matthew has the Scoot and look how happy he is. So proud to have brought some joy to this little super hero.

PPod Chair for Ziad

This is Zaid in the new PPod chair bought for him by the Frost Foundation. Zaid has quadriplegic cerebral palsy, he is visually impaired and has epilepsy. This special made to measure chair will keep Zaid safe should he have a fit and be comfortable as he struggles with other rigid chairs.

Mustang Walker for Heidi-Lou

Heidi-Lou suffers with Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy which effects her whole body so is unable to sit or walk unaided.

The Frost Foundation donated this Mustang Walker which supports Heidi-Lou and enables her to walk and play with her friends.

Special lift for Amelia

Amelia she is 5 years old. She has a really rare genetic condition called piezo2. Because of this she has very low muscle tone she is unable to stand unaided and unable to walk as her toes curl. She has scoliosis as well and has a higher risk of choking.

Amelia’s parents have raised funds for a vehicle that is able to take her electric wheelchair but they needed a special lift fitted to the car. The Frost Foundation agreed to fund this for Amelia.

iPad for William

William has a visual cerebral impairment, so being able to block out the surrounding atmosphere and engage directly and use something that is interactive will really help to improve his skills.

PPod Chair for Noel

Noel is a  very poorly little boy.  He has a life limiting condition and uncontrolled seizures and needs to be held constantly.

The Foundation bought Noel a PPod chair  that will not only offer him comfort but will also keep him safe.

Sensory equipment for Jenna

Jenna has complex health needs.  She has a rare genetic condition and a heart condition which has required surgery.  She also had 2 bleeds on the brain.

Jenna responds well to lights.  The Frost Foundation have bought Jenna some light-up sensory equipment.

Eye Gaze for Eleni

We have had a request for an eye gaze package for Eleni.Eleni has epilepsy , significant motor developmental delay and a cortical visual impairment , it has been really difficult to determine what vision Eleni has , however most recently Eleni had the eye gaze assessment and her responses were amazing , she was able to prompt responses on the object using her vision , and so has identified she has better vision that originally thought. The eye gaze can be used as a learning tool to further support her development using her vision as her mobility is so limited and is non verbal.

This is a really expensive piece of kit but would make such a difference to this little girls life. The trustees have sanctioned the Frost Foundation to buy this for Eleni.

Scallop Chair for Dylan

Dylan is registered blind.  He has epilespy and severe developmental delay.  He likes to play on the floor and can sit for short periods, but he falls back and he may have a seizure if not supported.

We have bought Dylan a Scallop Chair which will support him and keep him safe.

Chair for Brandon

We were contacted by the family of 3yr old Brandon, who due to having Cerebral Palsy has difficulty sitting unaided. They were in need of a special P Pod

chair to help him with his posture and he can be comfortable without any help.

The charity was so pleased to be able to help this gorgeous little boy.

His mum emailed to say;

Hi just a big thank you to you for our P Pod chair it’s arrived today and he loves it!!

Bed For Amelia

Amelia is a lovely 10yr old girl from Bury who due to several disabilities needed a special bed so she was comfortable & safe at night. We were so pleased we could help her. This was an email I received from her Mum.

“I contacted the Frost Charitable Foundation and asked if they could help fund a mattress for my daughter to best support her needs. Wendy couldnt have been more helpful and supportive. Within a week the charity had arranged to have the mattress delivered and I couldnt be more thankful. This is a truely wonderful charity and certainly there to help!”

Wheelchair for Oliver

The Frost Foundation has just delivered a lightweight wheelchair to 10yr old Oliver Hacking from Bury who was involved in a horrific accident earlier this year and had to have his leg amputated.