So we are done with this years Easter Egg Appeal. All these eggs have been bagged and collected ! We have had a very big request list this year & once again we are blown away with the incredible support we have received.
Once completed the Frost Foundation will of donated over 1600 eggs to many many underprivileged children. Donations will go to the Bury Social Work team covering Bury, Radcliffe, Whitefield & Prestwich. The Salford Social Work Team covering large areas of Salford. We have also donated to a Nursery in Bury, a Nursery in Salford, Ellen Court in Radcliffe for the young Mums & their babies, Bury Homeless Project, Vinny Thompsons Coalition of Kindness in the Moston/Failsworth areas & a bag of Eggs for a Community Project in Salford.
Thank you to every single person who has helped. From donations of a single £1.25 egg to a box of 600, everyone counts & is much appreciated.
There will be so many happy faces this Easter & those who have been involved should feel very proud. I’m so proud the Frost Charitable Foundation have been able to facilitate this appeal.

The Frost Foundation Easter Egg Appeal – We are a charity that has been established to help local children who are disadvantaged by illness, circumstance or lack of funding.