2020 has certainly been a tough year for charities across the country due to Coronavirus.  The Frost Foundation has had so many of its fundraising events cancelled this year so the only thing to do was lockdown the charity.  But Christmas was approaching, and the emails started coming through to enquire if we would be running our Christmas Campaign again.  There seemed to be more requests than ever before, more families struggling to make ends meet then the extra pressure of Christmas.  There is no way we could let the children down so through our social media channels we asked for help, and boy did that help come in droves.
Companies sent cash and supermarket vouchers to enable us to make up 100 hampers for families. Thanks to Arc4, The Kennedy Foundation, X-Debt and many others for their kind donations.  The staff at various branches of Wickes collected over 200 selection boxes, added to with large donations from Amanda Gleave and Chris Hulse ensuring every child had some chocolate.
Then the toys started arriving and what beautiful gifts they were. Companies such as Leonard Curtis, Close Bros, DHL asked their co workers to help. So many fantastic individuals helped us complete our lists, ensuring every child we were supporting had beautiful gifts to open on Christmas morning.  The Frost Foundation also bought many gifts and PJ’s for every child.
By mid December we will have donated over 2000 presents to local children. We have managed to complete the request lists from the social work teams from Bury, Radcliffe, Whitefield and Salford.  As well as the mothers and children at Fort Alice Refuge and Ellen Court, plus a substantial donation to Bury Homeless Project.
None of this could have been achieved without the help of our amazing elves – Joy Bach, Julie Calvert, Maria Adler, Karen Copeland, along with Maureen Scott and Shiobhan Trow.
We are grateful for everyone’s donations to ensure so many local children and families have a Merry Christmas.