We are delighted that we have also been able to help many local children over the first half of the year with pieces of equipment they desperatley needed to help make their lives a little easier.

Maxwell is a 3 and has Austism. He needed a sturdy buggy

Niamh is a little girl who has a condition called Eythlmalonic Encephalopathy she also need a special buggy.

Ronnie has neurological disorder and significant learning difficulties. We bought him an iPad with special apps to help with his development.

Zachery is a three and a half year old little boy with severe autism. He is non verbal, has very little concentration to play and like most autistic children lives in his own little world. We donated some sensory equipment for his bedroom.

Teenager Nazia needed a specialist Sleep System at night. Not only would it improve her comfort during the night, it would slow down the progression of her undiagnosed neurological disability and help maintain her health for as long as possible.

Arranged for 4 Double Buggies to be delivered to Big Steps Nursery in Salford so they can take their children out to the park. Many of the children don’t get park experiences and opportunities to be social outdoors so aids their development across the board.

Donated a special Eye Gaze Tool for 3 year old Ronnie who has autism. Ronnie at present is non verbal , the Eye Gaze Tool is a communication tool that will last him for years.

Heidi-Lou suffers with quadriplegic cerebral palsy, which effects her whole body so is unable to sit or walk. We were so happy to donate a Mustang Walker for her so she can play out with her friends.

Photos of some of these children will be upload on the ‘Children we have helped’ page