Very excited to announce that our 2024 promise auction goes live this month ! The auction will open for bids Monday 12 February at 8am and will run for one week the auction finishes at Monday 19 February at 6pm Keep an eye on the last 15 minutes as it tends to go a bit crazy and you could loose the prize you want !!

We will start loading the various promises from now until the start date, hopefully providing you with many gorgeous things to bid on!

If anyone would like to provide a donation for us to list, please do contact the page or email  we would very much welcome donations from local businesses or anyone else that would like to support us!

Anyone out there can donate a prize to our Auction of Promises for the Frost Foundation? We are looking for hairdressers who may give a cut & finish / nail technicians to do a set of acrylics / a personal training session / gardeners to give an hours gardening makeover / a photographer to do a family portrait – I ma sure you are getting the idea – any help very much appreciated x

The Frost Foundation raises funds to help local children who are disadvantaged by illness, circumstance or poverty.
Funds raised from this auction will go towards local children who may need help with special pieces of equipment, or some of those living in poverty with their families.

Please select what prizes you wish to bid on and place your bid. Minimum bids must be in pounds, we wont accept any bids less than £1. If someone places a higher bid on any item you will be notified by email and can, if you wish to, place a higher bid.
Items must be paid for immediately once the auction is finished. Winners will receive an email with details of how to pay. Once payment is received the items will be sent to the winners.