Like every other charity in the UK the Frost Foundation has been severely affected by the Pandemic of 2020.  As our charity is very much lead by events we have lost thousands of pounds of funds due to the cancellation of virtually all our events this year so far.  But due to the amazing support we receive we have managed to meet requests and keep the charity going throughout these unprecedented times.


  • At Easter the charity donated over 200 Easter Eggs to local vulnerable children.
  • Every year the Frost Foundation meets the requests of help for school uniforms for so many children living in poverty.  This year was no exception, if anything it was necessary as more families were struggling due to Coronavirus. However, we needed help to be able to meet all the requests and that is exactly what we got – lots and lots of cash donations from our amazing supporters to help with the purchases. Over 100 children went back to school wearing new clothes and shoes.
  • In August, as lockdown restrictions were lifted, we managed to hold a Golf Day.  The annual Fred Frost Memorial Golf Day was once again held at Stand Golf Club.  Although there were plenty of restrictions in place, the golfers enjoyed a good day and helped to raise much needed funds.
I think its appropriate to thank some of the companies who have donated large cash amounts to help us continue the work we do supporting local children and families.  Our thanks go to:


  • Jennor UK
  • The Kennedy Foundation
  • X-Debt Ltd, Morson International
  • Arc4.


It goes without saying we are also very grateful for each individual donation, they all make such a difference.


As we look towards Christmas, Covid is once again having an impact.  It is vitally important we run our usual Christmas Campaign. In a year when children have missed out on so much we cannot let them miss out on Christmas as well.  Through appealing on our social media sites once again our fantastic supporters have come up to the mark and are sending over beautiful toys daily.  We have some very big lists to complete, which we will do as no child should be without presents at Christmas.